I need a P.A.!

It’s a been a busy couple of days here in KL. I finally managed to collect my visa on the third visit to the ahem, interesting Bangladesh Embassy. It takes up a whole page in the passport! I could do without too many more of them or I’ll be going through the rigmarole of organizing a new passport too.

Last minute dashing around before a tournament is nothing new to most golf pros but this week has been especially busy. Between visa chasing and sourcing blank caps for the new sponsors logo to go on in time for the first event I’ve hardly had time to practice! I’ll blame the busy week for turning up to the wrong golf club this morning to play, whoops.

Panic over. Visa duly stamped, caps being logo’d up as I type and I even managed to squeeze in some time to sharpen up the short game this afternoon after taking Tom from CityGolf’s money this morning. Lunch always tastes better when it’s free 🙂

Only a couple of days now before Oliver Carr arrives here in KL. Ol was a baby faced junior member at Heswall Golf Club in England where I was an assistant pro for 11 years, back when I had hair and a 32″ waist. Shows how long ago that was, he now drives a car as well as driving a golf ball pretty well to play off a handicap of +3. Ol is coming to stay with me here in KL for a few weeks to work on his game in the warm weather. As an added bonus he’s managed to secure an invite to play alongside us pros in next weeks Bangladesh Masters.

Teeing up in the first ADT event of the year will be a great experience for us both. I hope he plays well and finishes one shot behind me in second place 😉


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