Grameenphone Bangladesh Masters

A mixed day of travel today. Predictably, our flight from KL was late leaving as unfortunately seems to be the norm with Air Asia :-/ The flight was strange in the sense that I have never seen so many passengers standing up and walking around during the flight. At one point I think I had a crowd of around a dozen Bangladeshis watching me watching my iPad. I was photographed and even filmed doing so. I don’t think they could figure out the story line to Father Ted though!

On arrival in Dhaka we managed to recruit the taxi driving equivalent of dumb & dumber to give us an unwanted tour of the sights (not many) of the gridlocked city. The “5 minute” journey turned into an hour long search for our hotel. We eventually arrived and then spent the next hour searching for something to eat. If I manage to avoid a heart attack after possibly the greasiest fried chicken in history we’ll get a look at the golf course tomorrow. I’ll report back with photos and thoughts….


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