Bye bye Bangladesh

Incase you were wondering, when a player misses the cut at a golf tournament they normally head straight for the airport and jump on the soonest available flight home. The extra cost to change travel arrangements can usually be cancelled out by the savings on hotel bills and food etc. However, with cheap accommodation and even cheaper food here in Bangladesh it made more financial sense to actually stay for the weekend than to fly back home to Kuala Lumpur.

Now, Bangladesh isn’t exactly the most picturesque part of the world I’ve ever visited. Yes I’m being diplomatic, it is, and there’s no other way to put it, a shit hole! So with little else to do Ollie and I headed back to the golf club today to practice. There’s nothing worse for rubbing salt into the wounds than seeing your playing partners of the last couple of days heading out for a round of golf as you sit in the clubhouse waiting to use the range. to make matters worse as soon as the final players went out onto the course the range was opened to the general public and was packed.

Instead, we decided to spend some quality time on the putting green. My putting had been poor for the first two rounds so I felt a bit of hard work in this area wouldn’t hurt. I have recently picked up a putting arc after seeing my good friend and fellow pro Ian Keenan (aka Keeno) practicing with one over in Spain. The T3 is excellent as it is small and lightweight enough to place in the golf bag and carry with you to the course. Once lined up correctly on a straight putt it is almost impossible to miss!

As long as the putter face is square to the path of the putter the ball goes in. I definitely felt as though the putter head had been traveling ‘inside’ on my backswing recently so this simple aid will help to straighten out my stroke and hopefully see me hole a few more putts in the future. The important thing is to differentiate between types of practice. Using the arc is working on the technique part of putting, enough repetitions will result in the stroke feeling natural and the squarer stroke will become the norm. I mixed this up with a couple of other drills though for distance control etc so as to not get too obsessive about the mechanical part of the putting process.

Anyway, after a few hours in the sun, mainly knocking balls into the hole we retreated to the clubhouse to grab some lunch. At which point we were literally mobbed by a bunch of local school children asking for our autograph. It was nice to see so many kids had been brought along to the event and they spent the day watching golf and receiving lessons on the driving range. I’ll need to pull my socks up if I’m to be signing many more caps! Tomorrow it’s back to the airport and home to Putrajaya to sit down and assess where improvements can be made. I read a great phrase today, “There’s no such thing as failure, just good feedback”, I intend to use this week as another good dose of feedback and move forward.


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