New wedges

Today I collected a couple of lovely new wedges from Titleist. The old ones were looking a little tired to say the least. Nearly 14 months of punishment was probably a bit too long to keep them in the bag but they were performing well so I didn’t really want to change. However, recently I had started to hit the odd shot from the middle of the fairway that had flown considerably further than expected. Flyers (a shot that comes off the face ‘hotter’ with less spin than normal) are more expected these days from the rough with the new grooves but the fact these shots were coming from the short grass prompted me to get on the phone to Justin Fong of Acushnet to order some replacements.

The rule change that affected us pros back in early 2010 means the grooves on the wedges are a slightly different shape, less aggressive and maybe more prone to wearing out than on older wedges. That combined with the sandy, gritty ranges I’ve been hitting balls at means I’ll have to change my wedges slightly more often than in the past. There are reports of some tour players changing their wedges every month to keep grooves sharp and maintain their spin levels. The advantage of getting free equipment I guess. No such luck here I’m afraid but still, thanks to Justin @ Acushnet for looking after me as always.

Those of you that know me know I like to be a little different. Don’t expect these wedges to stay standard looking for too long… Some custom stamping and maybe paint fills are on the horizon!


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