New coach

Check me out! No update for weeks then all these come along at once.

Quite a landmark change for me this week. Since picking up a golf club for the very first time back at Arrowe Park Golf Club (many, many moons ago!) I have only ever had one swing coach. As a scrawny teenager with an even scrawnier looking golf swing I was very fortunate to be pointed in the direction of Alan Thompson, the Cheshire Boys coach. Alan was and still is the best coach in the North of England, based at Heswall Golf Club on the Wirral. A picturesque club on the shores of the River Dee overlooking the Welsh hills.


What followed was a life changing relationship with undoubtably, one of the nicest men you’re ever likely to meet in golf. Alan took me under his wing as his Assistant Professional at Heswall shortly after and I think it’s only fair to say, transformed me into the golfer I could never have been without his expert help. I spent just over 11 years at Heswall (although it probably felt more like a life sentence to Thommo and his wife Jo!) During that time many an hour was spent beating golf balls under the watchful eye of ‘The Emperor’.

I owe Alan a huge amount. He patiently trained me and coached me over the years and without the knowledge I absorbed I wouldn’t be half the player or coach I myself became. However, all good things come to an end and after meeting my now wife Suzy who lived in Lincolnshire I finally moved away from the Wirral. Since arriving in Malaysia I think it’s fair to say I have lacked a bit of guidance. My golf swing has felt a little off tilt for a while. I managed to catch a quick session with Alan again in November whilst I was back in the UK shortly, this helped enormously but living thousands of miles away makes repeat lessons a bit tricky!

So, the landmark change? This week I met with Australian Golf Professional, Andrew Argus. I spent a few hours hitting balls with him, discussing my golf swing, what it does, what it used to do and how we want it to improve in the future. I came away from this session full of confidence and enthusiasm that Andrew will be able to guide me to where I want to be with my golf swing. The next few days will see some serious practice before heading back next week to see how the changes are bedding in. As you may have seen with Tiger and his recent swing changes / coach change, these transition periods are never easy. Thankfully I have a pretty empty schedule over the next few weeks to be able to work hard and make the alterations on the range.

I’ll report back with how the swing changes are coming along and hopefully we’ll all be playing better golf soon.


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