Beat the Pro


Today I’ll be at Glenmarie Golf & Country Club for the La Bodega Golf Day. The Beat the Pro event will be held on the 6th hole, a testing Par 3 over water. For those of you that have not heard of a Beat the Pro challenge before it goes a bit like this –

* Entrants donate money to attempt to ‘Beat the Pro’ with their tee shot, all money raised will be donated to charity.
* The Pro (me!) tees off and then each member of the flight attempts to hit their ball closer to the hole.
* Anyone that manages to get their ball closer to the hole than the Pro goes into a prize draw for a fantastic prize.

The hole in question is a medium length Par 3 over water which will no doubt claim a ball or two. Infact, after last year I may keep a record as to how many balls get wet as it was a fair few last time out! Hopefully I’ll manage to beat plenty of competitors and raise some money for a worthy cause at the same time. The ladies have a huge advantage as their tee box is just 99 meters from the green so I’ll have to be on top form to avoid losing to too many girls like last year! I’ll let you know how it goes…


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