Ass kicked!

So this was the office yesterday



A back left pin meant the hole played 184 yards into a slight breeze for most of the day. At times a good 5 iron. Despite hitting some nice shots I was still beaten by 4 guys, a couple of them hitting very good shots close. Unfortunately, with the swing rebuild still a ‘work in progress’ I also managed to drown a couple of balls, one against the worst flight imaginable. I Wont be hearing the last of that one for a while.

On the other occasions I was up against ladies who subsequently stood up and peppered the green with balls. 11 losses to the girls will definately earn me a bit of stick and no doubt accusations of favoritism. In my defense, the ladies hole played just 107 yards but I was well and truly beaten by the ladies yesterday. They all took great pleasure in beating the pro and we managed to raise over 1400 Ringits for charity so it was a good day.

The rumours that I snook off and didn’t attend the prize giving to avoid abuse from the pro beaters wasn’t true. I had tickets booked to watch MGMT live in KL which we had booked months ago. Hopefully I can return again next year to get revenge on a few of the girls.


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