New course @ IOI Resort

Since moving to live at the beautiful IOI Resort in Putrajaya, Malaysia in September 2009 I have looked out of our bedroom window on a daily basis and seen the golf course form literally before my eyes. It’s been with an equal measure of interest and frustration that I have seen each truck load of earth dumped, each new bunker constructed and green mapped out.

The course now has 10 holes finished, ready for play, but the remaining holes are still being built. I have taken a number of pictures over the months, most of which I don’t have access to as they’re stuck on my PC but here are a few of the course taking shape.

The 15th green, drainage channels being dug out by hand.


The 6th tee boxes.


The 15th green, completed, being lightly cut.


The 5th hole taking shape.


These obviously are not any of the 10 holes that are complete, the pictures below show some of the holes that I finally got a chance to play on Sunday. A big thank you to Desmond Lai, the Senior Golf Executive at the IOI Resort for taking me out onto the course.

The opening tee shot off the 1st tee, uphill dog-leg to the right.


3rd hole, Par 4


8th hole, Par 4


10th hole, Par 5


Approach shot to the 11th green, Par 4


The island green 17th, Par3


18th hole, Par 4, approach shot over water


The clubhouse behind the 18th green


The holes that are finished are almost ready for play, the greens just a shade slower than they will be on opening and the odd patch of turf here and there that hasn’t quite taken but overall the course looks great. I’m really looking forward to playing the remaining holes when they’re finished and to having this excellent golf course on my doorstep open to play.


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