PGM-ADT Impian Classic 2011

After the disappointment of missing the cut in last weeks event, I left Clearwater Sanctuary sitting in 15th place on the reserve list for this weeks event also being held here in Malaysia. The PGM-ADT Impian Classic is to be played almost literally on my doorstep so it was great news today to see I had leapt up the reserve list to be in the starting line up! The tournament is a co-sanctioned event between the ADT tour and the local PGM tour with 68+ Malaysian golfers teeing up alongside golfers from all over the world. Having played the course on more than one occasion I’m looking forward to having some form of home advantage and will certainly enjoy being able to sleep in my own bed at night and only have to travel 20 mins down the road to the course.

Today was a public holiday so the course was pretty busy, instead of playing, myself and Dean Gultula spent some time chipping and putting at the course and we’ll return to play a practice round early tomorrow morning. I met Dean when we played the first 2 rounds in Bangladesh together earlier in the year so I offered him our spare room this week saving him the hassle of finding a hotel and also giving me some company during the practice rounds. I’ll take the camera with me tomorrow and get some snaps of us in action.

Hopefully the weather will hold up a bit better than last week and we can get 4 uninterrupted days of competition, but then this is Asia and the weather can get a little crazy at times so we’ll just have to wait and see what each day brings. Most importantly I need to concentrate on eliminating a few of last weeks mistakes. I’m toying around with the idea of changing my putter slightly but I’ll see how I go tomorrow first. Nothing drastic, maybe just shortening it a little and adding some weight to change the feel. No doubt I’ll hole everything I look at in the morning now as my current putter fights to keep it’s place in the line up. Off to bed, early start to hopefully avoid some of the heat.


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