Shell shocked

I don’t know what’s more annoying, my finish on the golf course today or sitting and writing a whacking great blog entry for almost an hour only for it to disappear. Golf and computers eh, why do we bother.

We, or at least I bother because of the feeling I had today as I hit a lob wedge to 6″ on the 17th hole (my 8th) The resulting birdie took my to -2 for the day and at that time I felt I could really push on and post a good score on day one of this weeks ADT event. To cut a long (already typed once and it’s now too late and I’m off to bed) story short my golf kind of unravelled on the front 9 (my back 9) after my good start. A couple of really good birdie chances slipped by the edge of the cup on holes 1 & 2 before 2 bogeys on the 4th & 5th. Still, standing on the tee with only 4 holes to play at +1 for the day I was still confident I would be able to finish around par.

Instead, a combination of momentary concentration loss and a couple of bad swings at the wrong times saw me throw in 2 double bogeys in 3 holes. A perfectly good outward half of 35 was eventually added to a bewildering 42 return. 77. Again. To say I was disappointed walking off the course would be an understatement of epic proportions. I had spent most of the day under par, thinking only of hitting nice shots and making birdies. All the good work was undone with some sloppy play at the end.

Taking the positive and all those things that I know I should do, I can make birdies on this course. The leaders certainly showed it can be done. I’m getting closer to stringing together a full round of golf that will represent the way I can play and feel like I should be posting on the leader board. Some practice away from the course in the morning down the road at Kajang Hill where we are able to hit something longer than a hybrid will hopefully iron out the couple of loose swings of today. Mentally I’ve just got to chalk today up to yet more valuable experience. Tomorrow is another day. A good round and I’ll be around for the weekend and who knows I may even post a happy blog post! 🙂

Remember folks, keep concentrating right to the end and always save work in progress. Pughdogs blog, a plethora of useful info. I’m off to bed, that word was far too high brow for a daft golfer.


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