Ok so I had the weekend off, got back out there yesterday with some good short game practice in the morning and a couple of hours spent down at KDE (Kelab Darul Eshan) with Andrew Argus. It’s amazing how a swing that felt so totally out of control over the second round just last week can be realigned seemingly effortlessly in a matter of minutes. But then that’s what good coaches do, get you back into sync with just the smallest tweak or change of feel.

I played this morning over at Staffield Golf Resort and whilst it’s still not perfect, the driver seemed to be mainly heading in the right direction, ie, down the stripy stuff rather than towards the thick stuff! I’ve got the rest of the week to grind some more balls on the range and get it to feel a bit more natural before heading off to the Philippines on Monday to play in the ICTSI Orchard Championship. The Asian Tour sent out an email last week saying there would be some spots available in the Philippines Tour event on a first come first served basis. Needless to say my reply was pretty swift and so I’ll be teeing up on the Arnold Palmer course at the Orchard Resort on Wednesday.

Thankfully this is one of a few events that have all appeared out of the blue for me to compete in this month. I’m almost at the point where I have some kind of schedule to plan around. It’s an exciting time for professional golf in Malaysia, there seems to be new tournaments being announced on almost a daily basis. The key now is to take advantage of this increased number of competitive opportunities and start posting some scores that I know I’m capable of.


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