Feels like Christmas

I’m a big kid and I love getting my hands on new golf equipment. So yesterday afternoon was a treat when I called into the Acushnet office in Subang Jaya to collect a new golf bag and some new shoes. Big thanks to Justin Fong @ Acushnet for sorting out the replacements and I look forward to treading the fairways in my smart new shoes this afternoon at KLGCC.


Good news for my caddy Steve too as the new golf bag is a little smaller and lighter than my previous bag.


On a completely separate note, those of you interested in the IOI golf course progress (the golf course that we look over from our condo) it’s moving along slowly. We might be getting an even better view of it if we decide to move in next door. The balcony gives a pretty cool view out over the golf course and to Putrajaya in the far distance. It also has the added bonus of being pretty close by to move our stuff into! I’m away competing in the Philippines next week but hopefully we’ll be moving in when I get back.


Decided to change the look of the blog this morning too. Why is it I pull such strange faces during my golf swing? Note to self – smile as I hit the ball! 🙂


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