Beat the Pro @ Bukit Unggal, Sunday 15th May 2011


I spent Sunday afternoon stood on the 17th tee box at Bukit Unggul Golf Club hosting another ‘Beat the Pro’ event sponsored by Three Sixty Financial. The course has the tag line, “Where eagles fly” but I’ve come up with a new more accurate slogan, “Bukit Unggul – where buggies die!” For a while now the carts used at the club have been a bit shabby to phrase it politely. The cart David from 360 and I used to drive to the 17th tee box was bordering on being a death trap 😮 Surely it’s only a matter of time before somebody gets seriously injured at the course due to failing steering or brakes that no longer work. Whilst I can understand the cost of replacing a whole fleet of buggies must be cripplingly expensive for a golf resort, surely after the course itself it’s one of the most important areas for investment?

After all, its the vehicle that green fee paying golfers are spending 4 hours + sitting in supposedly in comfort, ideally enjoying their drive around the beautiful scenery of the golf course. Anyway, moaning about the golf carts aside it was a great day. Amazingly the rumbling thunder that at times seemed almost on top of us never resulted in more than a few drops of rain. The course is set deep in a valley which seems to protect it from all but the most persistent storms. With the dramatic soundtrack for the afternoons golf came the add on of a tricky swirling breeze that caught more than a few of the competitors out.


I think I’ve explained before the format for a ‘Beat the Pro’ challenge but I’ll run readers through it again just in case. Basically, each flight that arrives at the hole has the opportunity to challenge the pro (me) to a nearest the pin contest. I tee off then the 4 golfers attempt to hit their ball onto the green closer than my ball or they go first and throw down the gauntlet before I have a single shot to try and beat what’s already up there on the green. It’s always run for a charity and on this occasion entrance into the event cost RM20. The lucky, sorry, I mean skilled golfers who manage to beat my shot have their names entered into a hat (hopefully with only a few names in) and then the winners name is drawn out with the successful golfer winning a prize. In this case the prize was a pair of Footjoy MyJoys, provided by the sponsor for the day, Three Sixty Financial.

The tournament this sub event was taking place amongst was an inter society competition between England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and MANZA. The event successfully raises thousands of Ringgits each year for worthy causes and everyone there enjoys the day. So, how did I get on? Well like so many of these days I hit mainly nice shots with the odd missed green here or there. The hole was playing 176 yards into a moderate breeze at times so my 6 iron was used to send 14 attempts towards the green. With each flight comprising of 4 golfers that was a total of 56 competitors. I managed to successfully beat 48 golfers meaning 8 got the better of me. The shot of the day went to Georgina who struck a perfect 4 iron from the ladies teeing area that ran up to within 9 inches of the cup. I don’t mind losing to shots like that at all 🙂


All in all a good afternoons work. Around RM1600 raised for charity and some reasonable shots hit. I look forward to returning next year to attempt to keep the number of defeats lower!


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