ICTSI Orchard Championship cont…

Right, I’ve stopped sulking now so I’ll finish off my report from the Philippines 🙂

I’m usually a pretty cheery guy and I’d like to think I take things in my stride and get on with life regardless of what happens whilst out playing golf. It shouldn’t be any other way of course as it is just a game at the end of the day. I realise I could be doing something far less pleasant on a daily basis! However, I have found this month rather frustrating to say the least. I’ve spent the last 20 or so months complaining about not really having enough tournaments to play in only to have 3 good tournaments come along all together in May.

3 missed cuts later and I find myself sat on the plane flying back to Kuala Lumpur to spend the next week grinding away again, trying to find the missing pieces of the puzzle that is my golf game. Oh, I didn’t mention my second round score this week, well it’s even less fun typing it than it was playing it, I shot 82. As has been the case on a number of occasions this year a poor 1st round left me needing to get out of the blocks fast in round 2 to make up ground and give me at least half a chance of making the cut. I didn’t really do that with an early bogey on my second hole. A slightly fortuitous bounce onto the green on the par 3 5th almost saw my ball go into the hole for an ace and the tap in birdie at least reignited my hope.

The 6th hole is a reachable par 5 so a good drive could have seen me within range of the green. Instead I made a lousy swing, pulling my ball left into the only available trouble from the tee. The resulting penalty drop and dropped stroke all but signaled the end of my chances for the week. Deflated, I then went on a run of bogies on 8,9,10 & 11 before double bogeying both 12 & 13! Just to really cheer me up I managed to throw in one last 3 putt of the webogey on no. 15. 😦

Despite hitting some nice shots over the last couple of holes I’d let the extreme heat and my poor run of form get the better of me. I came off the golf course drained, disappointed, confused and generally pissed off! At times my golf over the two days had been excellent. I’d hit plenty of nice shots early on but a combination of mis reading / mis judging putts and the odd bad swing sent my score rocketing in the wrong direction.

So. What next? Well, I’ll get home later today, unpack the golf clubs and get out there and get practicing harder. I’m determined not to let this recent run discourage me as I feel the progress I’ve made recently with my coach Andrew really is working. The swing changes work. It’s when I’m under the needle or I lose focus that I throw in an old wayward one now and again. I have a week at home to prepare for two more tournaments in Malaysia where I will make sure I buck this current trend of both poor form and missed cuts.

I suppose it’s at times like this that you truly discover what you’re made of. Do I give up and admit defeat or do I knuckle down and work harder to continue chasing the dream…

I’m not done yet folks! 😉


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