No ‘arm in trying!

So I’ve finally given in and purchased some of these fancy arm sleeves I’ve been seeing all the local golfers playing in. When I first moved to live in Asia I couldn’t understand why so many players wore them, they looked like they would make you hotter when playing. At the time I was wearing as little clothing on the golf course as possible to try and stay cool but infact, over time I have found the opposite actually works. More and more often now I choose to wear long trousers whilst out on the golf course as the extra cover they offer actually keeps the sun off my skin and helps to keep me cooler. The same theory applies to the arm sleeves, keeping the direct sun off the skin and due to the high SPF properties in the material reducing the chance of burning too.


I picked up a couple of pairs of the new Crest Link sleeves from Alistair at the Old Club House last week and tried them out for the first time this morning. I’m pleased to report that they definitely work. As well as keeping the sun off the skin when the sleeves get a bit sweaty (as they inevitably do playing golf out here in Malaysia, one of the most humid environments on the planet!) any movement in the air around you automatically cools your arms down. Perfect when playing golf in a buggy as the constant breeze whilst driving along works as a hole by hole cooling system. I’m yet to play golf in them whilst walking the course so it will be interesting to see if they work as well without the volume of air movement.


Once I got over the initial weird feeling of wearing such tight fitting items I can honestly say I hardly noticed I was wearing them. Lightweight, comfortable, cooling and offering great protection from the sun, I’m now a convert. You know what they say, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. Well, I recommend trying a pair if you’re playing golf out here in Asia in the hot, sticky weather. I doubt whether they come with a guarantee to improve your golf but if they keep me even half a degree cooler I think they’re worth the money!

P.S. Yes, I was extremely proud of coming up with the title for this blog entry 🙂 More corny titles coming soon…



2 thoughts on “No ‘arm in trying!

  1. I’ve had a lot of trouble finding very “plain” arm sleeves to golf in. Most of them are made for basketball and football and are a little too tacky for my taste. I did find some arm sleeves that were pretty plain here, but was wondering how the Crest Link arm sleeves held up?

    • Hey Bob, apologies for not replying sooner, I must have missed the post. Yes, the Crest Link arm sleeves are pretty good. They are excellent for keeping the sun off and although not plain when out of the packet, the logo seems to peel off pretty easily as it’s prone to crack when the sleeves stretch in use. (in other words I peeled the logos off as it made them look cleaner too.) Hope you managed to find some. Nick

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