Sorry it’s all been a bit quiet on here of late folks. I’ve spent a few days recovering from some kind of flu that I must have picked up on my travels recently. I felt dreadful, no energy, bunged up, coughing and wheezing away like a 50 a day smoker. Thankfully I’m finally feeling a bit better now but annoyingly it kept me off the golf course and limited my practice time for a little while.

Not much new to report other than I have just received an invite to play in this years Negri Masters. Held on the 7-10th July over the Seremban International Golf Club here in Malaysia it boasts a healthy RM500,000 prize fund, one of the best local purses of the year. Thanks to Richard Lian for helping me out with a spot in the field.

With a gap in the schedule I’m spending a fair bit of time working with my coach Andrew Argus on getting my golf swing where it needs to be. Any of you golfers that have been through swing changes know how odd new movements and positions can feel at first. The only way to make changes feel better is to spend time hitting golf balls ensuring the changes are being implemented correctly. At the same time I’m conscious of not neglecting my short game whilst making swing changes so I’ve also been spending a lot of time chipping and putting to keep sharp.

There are a number of other changes in the pipeline, none of which I can confirm just yet but it’s an exciting time for my golf at the moment. I’m swinging the club better than I have done in years and I feel my scores will begin to reflect this very soon…. As I’ve said before, watch this space 😉


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