Negeri Masters cont…

Seremban International Golf Club has a strange ‘British’ feel to it to me this week. I think it’s a combination of the layout with many of the holes running parallel to the previous hole, with lots of the tees and greens being close together. It definitely feels different to most of the Malaysian golf courses I have played so far. Add to this an unprecedented 5 days without rain and the golf course is beginning to play hard and fast.

One of the biggest changes I experienced when moving to Asia was getting used to the lack of run on the golf ball. Due to the unbelievable amount of rain that can fall here in the afternoons most courses are soft with little or no run on the ball on the fairway and very receptive greens. This latest dry spell in Seremban has seen the golf course dry out to the point the ball is almost bounding down the fairway at times. Whilst this will no doubt make some of the holes play shorter it adds a premium to hitting your ball into the correct place to avoid running into trouble.

I played in the afternoon session of the Pro-Am on Tuesday and had an enjoyable time with 3 of the members. It was my first chance to get a look at the flatter, tighter front 9 that has a totally different feel to the undulating back 9. I certainly discovered where not to hit it on a number of holes as the large trees lining each side of most holes require exact placement of tee shots. The cow grass rough is drier and less punishing than in previous years (so I’m told) but it still catches you out from time to time as the large blades of grass get trapped between ball and club face.

Wednesday I arrived at the club bright and early to get a few more practice holes in and to get a better look at the front 9. Starting off the 1st tee I played with Sohel, my friend from Bangladesh and then we were joined by his high flying countryman Siddikur. It was great to get the chance to play with one of the hottest players out on the Asian Tour at the moment and his smooth swing makes the game look really easy! We ended up playing 15 holes before retreating from the blazing sunshine for some much needed refreshment in the clubhouse.

This week I have chosen to stay at home and drive up to the course each day as it’s only 40mins away. I like the advantage of sleeping in my own bed and of course saving a few dollars on hotel bills always helps. My tee time for round 1 is 1.50pm off the 10th tee and I’m looking forward to getting started now. The homework has been done in the practice rounds, balls have been beaten on the range, my short game feels sharp, it’s time to get out there and enjoy making a score around the course. Here are a few pictures I’ve taken over the previous few days. I’ll report back with news of today’s round later on..








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