Negeri Masters final word!

Whoops, only just noticed that I didn’t update my blog after playing at Seremban. No, that’s a lie. I actually did write quite an in depth 1st round report only for it to vanish when I switched off my iPad. I really must get better at saving stuff mid blog! As happens when you lose a load of ‘work’ that you’ve just typed out you either sit down and re-type it all out trying to remember all the minute detail you just poured into it or you spit your dummy out, walk away and vow to come back to it later. I think I’ve just proven that the second theory doesn’t work so well for me. As I say, whoops.

To summarize. I had a rather irritating couple of days at Seremban International Golf Club. Rain delays are nothing new to me now having lived in Asia for 2 years but this one I found especially difficult as it almost instantly changed the characteristics of the golf course. After 2 hours of sheltering from the storm in the clubhouse, gone was the hard and bouncy course we’d prepared over during the previous days. Instead, after an indifferent start from the 10th tee I looked on in disbelief as my ball spun back off a now much softer green into the water after a perfectly struck 7 iron into the heart of the Par 3 15th green.

A really bad swing meant I somehow managed to avoid the large inviting 18th fairway and instead my ball nestled into the thick rough to the right of the fairway beyond the out of bounds stakes. Whilst most of the field was taking advantage of the short uphill par 5 I was walking from the green wincing as I wrote a big fat number 7 on my card.

+5 through my first 9 holes I then exchanged a couple of birdies with bogies before eventually running out of daylight with a couple of holes still to play to complete my opening round. A 5am alarm call the following morning saw me in position at dawn and ready to try and pull back a shot or two. Instead, shortly after the siren sounded for play to begin, a rush of blood over my par putt on 7, my 16th hole meant the missed 3 footer return signaled my third double bogey of the opening round.

As has been the case too often this season, I had played 15 holes reasonably but due to only a couple of errors still ended up signing for a disappointing round of 80! I didn’t have long to worry about it though as my second round tee time was fast approaching. I played quite nicely over the tricky front 9 but was unable to convert a number of really good birdie chances, covering the 9 holes in +1. After a poor approach to the par 3 12th hole I was crouched down behind a 12 foot par putt assessing the break when the first crack of thunder sounded. Moments later the lightening was closely followed by the siren to indicate the second suspension of play in two days.

It has become clear that my focus and concentration suffers during unexpected delays and distractions. This was highlighted once again immediately after the restart on Friday afternoon. Facing a putt to remain at +1 I had another brain malfunction and raced my putt past then missing the return fell to +3 for the round. Determined to not hand in a card that resembled anything like how I had played I then went on to bogey the final 4 holes to further inflate my score to 78.

Obviously I wasn’t pleased with my scoring but my golf had actually shown some promising signs during the tournament. The golf course was great and I really enjoyed playing in the Negeri Sembilan Masters, hopefully I’ll get chance to return next year to improve on my results. Contrary to how some of my blog posts may read I really enjoy my time out on the golf course during events. Some of the depressing reading I put up on here is often the first chance I’ve had to try and assess what went wrong.

I have typed this latest report whilst sat on a flight back to the UK where I’ll be spending the next few weeks catching up with family and friends. I think the break may potentially do me some good as it will give me chance to regroup and plan how I intend to improve both my concentration and focus whilst on the course. The clubs are onboard too so it will be nice to get chance to play some golf back in the UK for the first time in years. There will also be some pretty big changes on the equipment front shortly but I’ll save that for a separate blog entry.

Sorry to have waffled on there a bit. I promise more pictures in the next update 🙂


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