Heading home

Nothing much to report I’m afraid other than after just over 3 weeks back in the UK we’re finally heading home to Malaysia. It’s been a fun frantic few weeks of visiting family and friends, playing some golf, racing a Volkswagen Beetle drag car (yes, that is me behind the wheel!) and a bit of relaxing too πŸ™‚


My experience in Manchester Airport this afternoon was anything but relaxing as I was presented with an excess baggage bill of Β£280 for my golf clubs! When traveling with Qatar Airways be warned, golf clubs are only free as long as the weight is included within your normal baggage allowance! A farcical rule that means with my clubs weighing in at just over 15kgs I was entitled to just 8kgs for my check in bag. On our outward journey my clubs had travelled for free but was facing a hefty sum on our return leg.

To cut a long story short, a bit of charm and persuasion goes a long way and thankfully the helpful staff at Qatar Airways saw some sense and I was able to travel back with the tools of my trade without having to pay an arm and a leg! ALWAYS READ THE SMALL PRINT FOLKS πŸ˜‰

Anyway, I’m currently 5th reserve for the next ADT event, the Ballentines Championship being held at the Tong Hwa Golf & Country Club in Taipei. After a phone call from the Asian Tour yesterday I’m optimistic that I should get a place in the starting line up. That gives me 10 days after landing to get back into the swing of things, literally, before I fly off to Taiwan for hopefully the first of two back to back ADT events. The second event is The Aboitiz Invitational event in the Philippines.

Hopefully the jet lag won’t be too bad so I can get straight out to practice this week. I’m certainly rested and raring to get back out there to kick on and have a strong second half of the season.


2 thoughts on “Heading home

    • Cheers Logi πŸ˜‰

      Good to catch up with everyone albeit briefly. I’ll keep posting as long as someone’s out there reading my drivel πŸ™‚

      Let’s see these stamps in action then, I’m guessing there’ll be an EFC themed one in the bag for you?

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