Short Game Sharpening

Having lost a couple of days with traveling back from the UK, unpacking, getting over jet lag etc, I was keen to get out to do some quality practice today. I headed to Kajang Hill Golf Club where I do most of my short game work. It’s amazing how quickly touch and feel around the greens gets rusty and my early putting drill scores reflected this! Most of you that know me know I’m pretty obsessive about practicing a certain way, I prefer to spend my time practicing constructively with numerous drills to keep me occupied and focused.


Whilst in the UK I picked up a new piece of practice equipment. The foldable circular target you see above is available in several different sizes, I went for the 3 feet version. I used this to test how accurate I was at landing my ball near a target. In this case the target was the tee peg but anything that landed inside the circle was considered a success too šŸ˜‰ I found this aid to be really helpful for focusing not only on a precise target to land my ball on but also the kind of margin for error I was willing to allow myself.

The drill I devised today was to chip 10 balls to land in the target from approx 6 yards away, starting with my lob wedge and finishing up with 7 iron. Seeing how many balls I could land inside my target each time. Bonus points for hitting the tee itself but I only actually managed 10 out of 10 with my 7 iron. More practice needed! I attempted the drill with just 3 balls. This way I have to keep walking to collect my golf balls rather than just standing there getting into a routine which we are unable to get into out on the course. It’s a great drill to show the massive difference in the run out distances with each club.


The trusty putting arc was out too with a slight modification of the tee peg at the far end of my stroke. The idea behind this was to encourage a slightly more ascending blow on the ball. I feel as though I putt my best when I’m almost feeling like I hit higher up the ball, top spinning it into the hole. The scientists will no doubt point out that I’m hitting the same part of the ball, maybe slightly lower on the face but the sensation is one of hitting upwards. Anyway, it felt good and I holed plenty of putts so the tee peg may well stay as part of my short putting practice.

Over to KDE tomorrow for plenty of long game work with my coach Andrew Argus. It’ll be his 50th birthday too so I’ll do my best to not upset him too much with any bad habits I’ve picked up whilst playing in the UK šŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Short Game Sharpening

  1. Will do šŸ˜‰ You want to get yourself one of those putting arcs mate. Every student that has a putting lesson should leave with one under their arm too!

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