Apologies for the lack of updates!

Sorry blog readers, I got out of the habit of writing updates and completely forgot to get back into it after the last couple of tournaments. You’re not getting off that easily, I’m back and will be updating even more than ever now 🙂 To summarize the last couple of months, my trip to Taiwan for the Ballentines Taiwan Championship unfortunately didn’t go so well. A combination of blustery conditions (a typhoon hit the day after the tournament ended!) lots of internal out of bounds and me hitting my driver sideways for a couple of days all added up to an early flight on to the Philippines.

Cebu Country Club in the Philippines was the venue for the Aboitiz Invitational presented by ICTSI, the first ADT event to be played in the Philippines. According to the Asian Tour staff who had been onsite for a few days, unusually high levels of rainfall had completely saturated the course. This wasn’t evident during the practice rounds where the greens were found to be exceptionally firm. The small upturned saucer shaped greens became more and more difficult to hold as they hardened up further throughout the week.


Evidence of the difficulty level was reflected in the scoring. Only one player managed to break par by the end of the 4 days and despite having one of the highest cuts of the year, I only managed to play for the first 2 days. A disappointing and expensive trip saw me return to KL with just one more event left on the ADT calendar, the PGM MIDF KLGCC Classic. I felt like parts of my game were coming together but I was running out of events to prove to myself that I could cut it at this level of professional golf.



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