My new TaylorMade MC Irons

During my recent blogging absence I’m pleased to report I replaced my irons with the new TaylorMade MC model. Thanks to Leonard and his team @ TaylorMade Malaysia for quickly getting the irons through their new custom fitting service. I stuck with the same Project X 6.0 shafts that I had in my previous irons but decided to have 3/4″ longer than standard shafts fitted. Due to playing 50, 54 & 58 degree wedges I only carry 4-PW in the irons.


As stupid as it may sound, I was a little anxious about playing a model of club named MC. In our profession the letters MC usually stand for missed cut, something I’d been seeing next to my name far too often this season. MC in this case stands for Muscle Cavity and I’m glad that I managed to quash that little superstition straight away with the irons performing well at KLGCC for the last ADT event of the season.

After using the irons for a few rounds I took them with me to see Alistair Guthrie at The Old Clubhouse in Bangsar. Alistair runs an excellent custom fitting and repair service from his shop in Bangsar but is soon to be relocating to work alongside the guys at CityGolf in Bangsar Shopping Centre. After a little fine tuning the irons now have the perfect lie angle for me and I highly recommend anyone wanting their clubs checking talking them down to Alistair. I’m still amazed at how many golfers use clubs ‘off the shelf’ and expect them to fit their swing. If you haven’t had your clubs custom fit for you it’s not too late, give Alistair a call on 0126270272 and have your lie angles, grips, shafts etc checked today!



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