SAM Putting Analysis @ Impact Elite Golf Academy


This week at Impact Elite Golf Academy we were visited by Barry Wilson and Fuzyma Ayu of the Centre for Biomechanics, The National Sports Institute. They brought with them a couple of interesting pieces of equipment. The SAM Putt Lab and the K Vest. I had a very brief session on the SAM Putt Lab back in the UK many years ago and it was interesting to see the results after a more comprehensive session. The picture above shows how the sensors are attached to the putter shaft and the club face aligned before testing.

Despite being a die hard STX Sync Tour user now for more years than I can remember, if these findings are accurate it may finally be time to try something new. According to the results I’m consistently aiming to the right at address and even making contact with the ball with a very open putter face. I’m not 100% positive the numbers are correct as I probably would never hole a putt if this was the case. However, I have had a nagging feeling my putter face has been open for a while now. The test putt wasn’t perfectly straight, it had a slight right to left break which may have effected the results.

In the mean time I may try out a putter with more prominent alignment marks to see if this helps and improves my numbers. On a positive note, my consistency scores were very high so if I am hitting my putts to the right, I’m doing it very consistently!






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