Practice rounds @ Imperial Lakeview

Due to the recent floods in Thailand it would appear there has been a bit of a water shortage in and around Hua Hin of late. This effected us in a couple of ways today. Firstly there was no water supplied for players to drink out on the course and there will be limited water stations during the tournament. Secondly, and more importantly it seems there hasn’t been much watering of the golf course going on so it’s dry as a bone! The course feels a lot faster and firmer than I remember it last year. Added to the strong wind blowing today it meant the practice round threw up some interesting club selections and challenges.


Imperial Lakeview is a course of two halves with a relatively sedate, pleasant front nine. However, the back nine quickly shows its teeth with the 250+ yard par 3 12th hole. Thankfully this hole usually plays with a slight helping breeze so it doesn’t play it’s full length and two tee boxes will be in play this week with the front tee measuring a mere 215 yards.


The greens are pretty quick and it’s going to be vital to hit the approach shots below the hole this week to give a decent chance to be aggressive with putts. I played 18 today and plan to wind down with just 9 holes tomorrow and some light practice. All the hard works been done now, I’m looking forward to getting started on Wednesday morning.


Yes, another 3 wood into a par 3! šŸ™‚


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