Headless travelling


Here’s a great travel tip for all you golfers who regularly take your clubs with you on flights around the world. With the introduction of removable heads by almost every club manufacturer out there why not do as I do and remove the heads before putting your clubs into the flight bag. There are a few benefits to doing this, firstly it dramatically reduces the chances of having a club broken in transit. If there’s no head on the club the shaft sits much lower in the bag so will be much harder to break. Obviously it also reduces the chances of the head being damaged as I travel with them separately in my hand luggage, this may get the odd strange look from the X-ray boys at the airport 😉

In the worst case scenario if the rest of your golf clubs go missing you still have the most valuable items in your bag, it’s much cheaper to replace a shaft even with the various sleeves fitted to the end than a whole golf club.

It’s important to remember which setting you had it on before you whip the head off but if you’re like me it stays on the same setting since the original set up so that shouldn’t be too difficult. Also, don’t get the shafts mixed up when refitting the heads or you may end up hitting the driver a bit shorter than normal! 🙂

My second travel tip of the day is to make sure you don’t leave your phone on the back seat of a taxi when arriving at the airport. Luckily for me we managed to contact our driver before he’d got too far and he returned the phone. Phew!


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