Skills Testing & practice

Having had a long stretch without any tournament golf recently it’s been a case of practice, practice and more practice here in Kuala Lumpur. Now, I’ve not been one for just standing on the range and beating balls all day for a while now. The old fashioned “hit ‘n drag” (so named due to the golfers repetitive hitting of golf balls only interrupted by reaching to grab another one) technique can be counter productive and in the Malaysian climate, extremely tiring! Instead I try to challenge myself and others if they are around to lots of drills and skills tests.



Recently I’ve been working closely with George Walker, the Head Teaching Professional at Impact Elite Golf Academy on developing some short game skills tests. On top of the multiple putting drills I already use, these are ensuring there is never a dull moment on the practice area. I won’t go into full detail as to how they work as they are still a work in progress but as you can see from the pictures they involve hitting into targets from various areas around the chipping or putting green. Points are awarded for different scoring zones and competitive practice is always better than just knocking a few balls around.


As I’ve mentioned before, fluid intake whilst practicing out in the heat of the day is vital. I’ll always carry a couple of drinks bottles with me, usually frozen and with the electrolyte replacements mentioned in a previous blog post already added. Whilst hitting balls on the range it’s also necessary for me to use more than one glove as the heat usually means sweating through one every half hour or so! Another handy use for one of the alignment sticks you’ll often see protruding from a pros golf bag is to double up as a make shift clothes line for drying out sweaty gloves!


It’s great practicing here at the Impact Elite Golf Academy at the Mines Resort. If it gets too hot outside I can always retreat back inside to hit balls from the indoor practice area with fans and air conditioning to keep me cool. Hopefully March will see a bit more action out on the golf course actually competing but in the mean time I’m doing everything I can to stay sharp and ready to tee up when I get the chance.


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