The Waiting Game

As I wrote back at the start of the year, Q School for any golf professional is a pretty important event as it really can determine your ranking for the rest of the season. I also wrote in detail about how I picked a bad week to play badly back in January and ended up pretty much at the bottom of the ranking pile. Having said that I have to admit to still being somewhat surprised when the entry list for the first ADT tournament was published on the Asian Tour website last week. I was 67th reserve!

After a poor show at my first visit to Q School the previous year I have plenty of experience of the painful wait before tournaments watching my name slowly climb the ladder of reserves names the weeks and days before a tournament began. Luckily enough I managed to move from the reserve list each time in 2011 and got into each event. It wasn’t much fun having such limited time before each tournament to prepare and sort flights & accommodation etc but such is life. Despite trying pretty hard this time round it looks like I’ll have a similar torturous experience ahead in 2012.

Ok, I over exaggerate. It’s not exactly torture. But it is rather unpleasant to see so many names above yours on the list of hopeful golfers waiting for a chance to tee the ball up in the first outing of the year. The good news is due to a large number of players from the qualifying process having returned home to various corners of the globe, there have been a steady stream of players pulling out and the waiting list has been shrinking by the day. From 67th reserve to 24th in just over a week has been quicker than I expected but as the Thursday start date draws closer I’m wondering if I will run out of time and luck.

I won’t go into detail as to why the list seems a bit longer this year than last as that’s a whole separate blog post in itself. Tonight my wife and I welcomed into our home 3 fellow golfers who all faired better than I at our season ranking qualification process. Dean Gultula & Tommy Mansuwan are old friends from last years ADT tour of Asia. This year we’ve been joined by Greg ‘The Floss’ Moss (the story behind the nickname definitely deserves it’s own blog post) from the U S of A. Greg faired the best out of us all back in Jan and was straight into the event. Tommy & Dean both booked flights whilst still on the reserve list but have thankfully been slotted into the starting line up over the previous few days.

It was a squeeze picking the guys up from the train station but avoided having to grab cabs and saving every penny / dollar / ringit counts on the ADT!



For me it’s a couple more days hitting refresh on the website page showing the latest updates as to who’s in and who’s out of the 147 man field. 24 places is a lot to make up in just a couple of days but you never know…

I’ve been practicing hard and would love the chance to get out there and compete. I’ll keep updating with the latest news these next few days. Fingers crossed!


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