Calling golfers in Greenland?

Yes, it’s a random blog entry! But one of the cool things about blogging with WordPress is there is a statistics page showing where people have viewed your blog from. Now, I realise that last sentence just made me sound like the worlds biggest geek but I confess, I have my moments. Anyhow, the map you see below shows countries where my blog has been viewed recently. As you can see there are clicks from some very random corners of the globe, some quite surprising.


Now, this is where it gets a bit childish. My good friend Tommy Mansuwan also writes a blog about his golf travels and exploits on the Asian Development Tour Tommy’s Blog. It has been known for us both to be sat in the same hotel lobby, using the wifi, typing simultaneous blog posts. With boys being boys there is of course an element of competition that creeps in occasionally with a “who’s had the most views today” or “who’s had a blog view from Kazakstan today” conversation.

So, as you can see. Thanks to my one view from the Russian Federation my map is looking quiet healthy and colourful but if I could just get a hit from someone in Greenland or several African Countries….



In other news I’m back from holiday and nothing much to report on the golf front so far. Got back to Impact Elite Golf Academy yesterday to see if I could remember how to swing the golf club. I could. I also took a couple of pictures for an upcoming magazine interview I did whilst away in Thailand. Photogenic? Me?

I’ll stick to beating golf balls đŸ˜‰


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