New balls please!

Yes, I admit, a phrase more often heard in tennis rather than golf but this week sees another change in the golf bag. Having finally used up my stock of the old TaylorMade Penta golf balls its time to put the new Penta TP5 to the test. The ball has been out for a while already but I’m yet to try it out. Hopefully it will play pretty similar to the old one although an extra yard or two from the tee would be a welcome bonus! A full report will follow from me but have any of you guys tried them yet? I’d love to hear your feedback too. Please comment by clicking on the little speech bubble up there in the right hand corner.


Back last year sometime I blogged about how I marked my then Titleist golf ball, to this day it’s still the most frequent phrase that golfers enter into search engines and find my blog. So, it’s only right having changed ball manufacturer some time ago that I show how I mark my Penta!


Nothing’s changed there you’ll see. Still plastering my ball with the blog address in shameless self promotion. It works by the way. Last week in Laos after posing for a photo with a couple of junior golfers from the Luang Prabang golf club I handed one of the budding young golfers the ball I had used during the practice round. He ran straight to his parents and showed them, boom, one more country on the map of the world ticked off for blog views! 🙂

Now if I could just stop advertising in the trees and water hazards….


One thought on “New balls please!

  1. I like the new TP5. If you don’t hit paths or rocky ground, the ball will easily last two rounds; it carries a long way for a softish ball and holds the greens okay. Feels good too but the dimple pattern is not really a pattern so if you like to put uniform dots on your balls, it doesn’t quite work. Someone gave me a dozen of these new Penta TP5’s something that is really appreciated because they easily rival the Titleist Pro V 1!!!

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