Belated A’Famosa report & putter swap

As usually happens when I have a bad tournament it takes me a few days to get round to writing my blog report of an unsuccessful week. It’s not because I’ve been sulking or miserable, the disappointment wears off pretty quickly after a poor round of golf. It’s more that I like to take stock of events and asses what went wrong before putting together a plan on how to learn from and improve on the result. And if I’m honest it’s not much fun writing about bad weeks so I do tend to put it off for a few days!

A’Famosa was a great venue for last weeks ADT event and despite my scoring I really enjoyed playing there for the first time. In fact if it wasn’t for a lousy finish to both rounds of golf I may have enjoyed playing there for a couple more rounds. On day 1 & 2 I managed to fritter away strokes over my closing holes, dropping 4 in the last 5 on both occasions. On Friday this was more down to pushing too hard trying to squeeze the much needed birdies out of the finish.

My game was almost there again last week. Over two days I didn’t manage to hole many putts without really putting too badly if that makes sense. A lot of putts just missing the hole or catching the lip or more frustratingly stopping short in the jaws of the hole. I hit plenty of good shots from which I didn’t capitalize and a few loose ones that I failed to recover from. A couple of swing blips that I’m currently ironing out with my coach Andrew Argus at Impact Elite Golf Academy. Nothing major, just some bad habits that I’d slipped into after being on the road for a few weeks.

More often than not it’s old habits that creep back in and the knack is to catch yourself doing it but that’s much easier said than done. I have also been trying out another new putter over the last couple of weeks. My switch to the TaylorMade Manta is the second putter change in just a few months. Maybe I’m making up for using the same old putter for so many years but this one really does feel like it’ll be a keeper for a while. Having used a demo model during the last two tournaments it was nice to collect mine from the TaylorMade HQ this week. Thanks to Sher Rene and Leonard at TaylorMade for sorting it out.


Me being the tinkerer that I am, my new putter was modified almost immediately after collecting it. Chopping it down in length to 33″ and fitting a lovely leather Master Grip (thanks to Alistair Guthrie from The Old Clubhouse) in my favourite shade of Jägerbug orange of course 🙂


Congratulations have to go to my fellow Englishman Peter Richardson who flew in from the UK to take the title in A’Famosa by a whopping 8 stroke margin. His victory also takes him to the top of the order of merit after 3 events. Another top ten for my fellow Impact Elite Golf Academy student Nachi who was also joined by my good friend Greg Moss at the right end of the leader board. I’m hoping hanging around these guys enough may mean some of their good golf rubs off on me. Until then I’ll keep working hard to improve so that I can start writing blog posts straight after tournaments on a more positive note!