Slow soggy start at Clearwater


Having seen the amount of liquid that had fallen from the sky on both practice rounds here in Ipoh it was no surprise that today’s first round was cut short due to inclement weather (contender for understatement of the year!) As is often the case here in Malaysia, the early starters would have the best of the day. The temperature rose throughout Thursday with the sweltering heat finally giving way to a torrential storm. My 2.10pm tee time meant I would have been very lucky to get a full days work done today, as it turned out we only managed 9 holes before the sirens indicated the electrical storm was too close to continue. The rain that followed was as heavy as I’ve seen in a long time.

I didn’t actually complete my 9th hole of the day. Instead I will return to the 425 yard par 4 green to hopefully negotiate a 3 footer for par that will see me make the turn in a slightly frustrating +3. A ball that kicked off a cart path into heavy rough resulting in a bogey, together with a couple of clumsy 3 putts was about all I could muster from my opening half a round. I had a few nice birdie chances that narrowly slid by the edge of the cup but my putting will need to be a bit sharper tomorrow if I am to make up some ground on the field. I’m hitting the ball well enough and the back 9 was where I made a few more birdies in practice so we’ll see if I can do the same tomorrow. The alarm is set for 5am and we need to be in position to continue our rounds at 7.40am. It’s going to be a long hot day!

9 holes today, hopefully another 27 tomorrow if the weather holds up…. but then it is Malaysia so we’ll just have to see how we go đŸ™‚


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